What Preparation do we need to do before plastering?

Clean the wall and remove dirt, dust, wallpaper and any old flaking or blown plaster.

How long does it take to plaster an average size lounge in a house?

This will vary depending on the size of the rooms in your house and the height of ceilings - allow 1 to 3 days.

What is the procedure for Cladding?

Most cladding is prefabricated into panels. In an attached cladding system, exterior prefabricated cladding panels are connected directly to the structural frame of the building. Cladding is fixed to the building by lifting it in place, using an anchorage or fastening to keep it secure.

How long does a 3 bed detached house take to Clad?

Obviously this will vary between properties and house sizes but a broad estimate for an average semi is 6 to 9 days.

What is Rendering and what is the process?

Rendering refers to the process of applying a coat of cement on the external walls of a property to make them smooth or textured as desired. The difference between rendering and plastering is that rendering involves the exterior walls while plastering involves the interior ones.