External Rendering

External Rendering | Traditional | Acrylic | Pebbledash | Lime Render

External Rendering by Riley's Pro Trowel Plastering

We are specialists in all types of Rendering to include Traditional and Acrylic Rendering.

Traditional Rendering is made up of sharp fine sand, part cement and part lime as lime helps to prevent cracking when dry. We are meticulous in preparation in that we remove all the old paint, render, dirt and any loose particles before we commence with the application of the new rendering product.

Acrylic Rendering comes in a wide variety of premixed renders for different buildings and situations. Acrylic has superior water resistance and strength albeit it is not a natural substance like Traditional Cement Rendering, Acrylic offers a smoother complexion compared to Traditional. It depends on the type of building and the natural elements surrounding building or house whether its coastal or rural etc.

Rendering Products we use:

- Acrylic
- Pebbledash
- Sand and Cement Render
- Lime Render
- Polymer Render
- Silicone
- Available in different colours

Call us to disscuss your best option. We are happy to pop out to visit you and advise you on the best solution that is bespoke to your house or building.

Riley's Pro Trowel Plastering offer services to both residential and commercial clients.

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